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"The Wall" & Showcasing Student Work

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

I have kids ask me all the time, "Mr. Kern, is this wall worthy?"

Making the wall is a pretty big deal. You should have seen her excitement! She was an intro student last year and she never thought she would be good enough to make "the wall".

Displaying student work does so much for my program. It gets the students to intrinsically produce artwork and next thing i know I have students producing more and more, outside of what has been assigned in the course. Then students start asking questions, how does this work? Can I do that? Can you you help me? There are few things that are this easy, that produces passion in the classroom.

Don't worry, we exhibit all students work in another venue, so that everyone can collaborate, communicate and critique it. But "the wall" is somethings reserved for when it all comes together for a student. Its where they will feel accomplished.

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